Toonscripts (Dutch) About

Scripts With Illustrations

Are You Sure?

A woman tries to go grocery shopping but finds the cashier in her way.

The Marriage Proposal

Lomov wants to ask Natalya to marry him, but it's not going as planned...

The Strongest

Two women meet in a ladies' cafe. The conversation turns awkward.

The Man In The Stalls

Betty is having an affair with Walter behind her husband George's back. Then one day, when they are alone together, Walter announces he is leaving her to marry another woman.

Porcelain and Pink

Lois needs to hurry to ready herself for a date, but her sister Julie does not want to let her have the bathroom.

Swan Song

An actor wakes up drunk at the theatre where he just held his last performance before his retirement. He considers whether everything he had given up had been worth it.

The Incompatibles

A newly-married couple are having dinner at a Broadway restaurant when her ex-husband walks in.