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Story Illustrations

The Rabbit Actually Took a Watch Out Of Its Waistcoat-Pocket
He Overtook the Wounded Creature
She Imagines Touching That Delicious Athletic Chest Hidden Underneath That Expensive Tailor-Made Suit
With a Sling Like the One David Had Carried into Battle Against Goliath, He Hurled a Stone Through the Air
It Circled Slowly Around the Queen’s Hall
I Take His Hand and We Start Walking
The Full Moon Shone Straight Down the Aperture
His Eyes Burned with Greediness as a Large Crab was Handed to Him
He Mistakes Julie For Her Sister — and Asks Her Out On a Date
The Boy Fitted the Arrow to the Bow
He stooped to the fire, picked up a blazing branch.
The Thought Of Losing You Brings Me To My Knees
A cold sweat broke out over my body
God, he’s sexy, even if he isn’t smart, she thought.
We manage to create a bridge to cross the chasm
The extraordinary view beneath us
It was this sketchbook
The mirror crashed to the floor, and she burst into tears.
“You ran, and I chased you.”
What can it possibly matter whether we open it now or in seven minutes?
He still chuckled to himself at the thought of the adventures which awaited us.
“I am hopelessly in love with you.”
“Had enough?” he panted.
She brushed past his beautiful chest...
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