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Why I Am Switching From Instagram To Blogging

Cartoon of someone chasing after a social media like.

I have this Instagram account, where I post drawing exercises and drawing tutorials. It has more than 38 thousand followers. This all happened within a year! I started the account on March 18th last year, it's not even been a year.

It was crazy. A few big accounts reposted my posts, crediting me, and the algorithm understood what my audience was and started to show it to more people.

From one moment to the next, it was all over.
Then I posted a drawing exercise, and people could not quite make out what they were looking at, and because of that, they looked at it longer — and Instagram started showing it to even more people!

Cartoon showing the horn of plenty with likes flowing from it.

At a certain moment, the account grew 1500 followers a day, just out of nothing. I wasn't even using hashtags. Instagram had decided to show my posts to many, many, many people on their Explore feed.

Then came the realization: I had no control over that. It could all be over in a heartbeat.

And that is precisely what happened. From one moment to the next, it was all over. Gone. Vamoushe.

Two months ago or so, Instagram, from one moment to the next, pivoted to being an online store. They have Reels and IGTV — videos — which will have ads in them. They have a Store and now show many more ads in your home feed.

My reach on the Explore page disappeared from one moment to the next.

I expected that to happen and have been thinking of alternatives. That's why this blog. That's why ZinezooLoading..., a way to keep up to date on blogs you want to follow.

Because I knew you need to own your content. It has to be your website where you post stuff. It has to be yours.

Instagram now shows my posts to around ten percent of the people who “follow” me, and it doesn't show it to people who don't follow me at all at the moment.

Get this: not even ads work anymore. I did an ad just before the change and got 70 new followers and 50 new subscribers to my newsletter for every dollar spent. That was a good investment. After the change, I was lucky to have a few of each for each dollar.

I had seen it coming. Facebook — the owner of Instagram — is working on its own currency and working on making sure companies can effortlessly advertise on all their platforms at once. So it was in the stars.

Still, it's crazy! Instagram changed from a micro-blogging site to an online shopping mall from one moment to the next. It changed from the edgy-cool kid on the block to a boring shopping mall in an instant.

That was good, though! It pushed me to come up with alternatives!

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