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A Fresh Start!

Well, here it is! A shiny new blog!

This is the first post on my new blog. I decided to start from scratch. I used to have a blog over at one of my websites, Practice Drawing ThisLoading.... The blog basically consisted of newsletters I had sent before through that website.

I thought I'd do it a bit differently, as I have several websites now, and, frankly, I just want to draw a bit, and have a place where I can post my drawings.

I kind of have four websites now: this website,, Practice Drawing ThisLoading... which serves daily drawing exercises, ZinezooLoading... which allows you to follow rss feeds.

By the way, this website has an rss feed. I mean, of course.

And there is FlattonLoading..., now hosted on, which allows you to flat comics pages. And there is, which is a place where I could post funny cartoons. I'm not sure about that, maybe I'll just stick to filling this blog with whatever I am making at the moment.

I'm always fluttering in all sorts of directions, and on this blog, I am giving myself permission to just do so. There will be musings about coding, art, design, writing, life, and all that.

And this is that place.

Watch this space! More to come soon.

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