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Artistic Statement

Letters are abstract symbols. Combine them, and you get words, sentences, paragraphs, and from an artist’s point of view, rendered on the page, these paragraphs become shapes surrounded by negative space.

Can the reading experience be improved by treating the pages of a written play as visual compositions? What would happen if you added illustrations?

Actors read a script several times. Regular readers would never do that, but can its visual presentation make a play accessible to a larger audience?

The result is not literature; in prose, you get to experience the inner life of characters, and plays are about dialogue between characters.

It’s not a theater experience either, as you don’t experience the thrill of the actors engaging with the audience in real-time.

It is not a graphic novel as the story is carried through text and not visual storytelling.

Using visual elements to enhance the presentation of written dialogue: a new literary and artistic storytelling device I am exploring.

I have given this form a new name; I call them sketchplays.

You can read them here.