Computer-generated perspective grids

I continued work on Javascript code that helps me generate perspective grids.

I drew several thumbnails and liked this one best. A colored fireball shoots through the sky as two boys sit in a treehouse, one looking through a telescope at that fireball, another looking at a bombshell that is walking by.

I'm trying to make 'images that tell stories' at the moment, and I am finding that it helps if several things are happening in the image.

This image is the firs of eight for another set of drawings to illustrate a logline, one Chris Keaton was kind enough to let me work with.

An image with the perspective grid and construction lines. I then place this under a sheet of paper on a lightbox as a guide for my drawing.

A quick digital tonal composition tryout. I found it better to move the woman to the right a bit. The image felt out of balance otherwise if I looked at it mirrored.

Penciled and inked, and first attempt at coloring it. Blue gives it a nightly feel but I am hoping I can improve the coloring still. This one is a bit dull. But coloring clearly eludes me still...


Older entries in Sketchbook

A caricature of George Lucas. I am thinking of practicing caricaturing a bit more, as that will help me push poses and expressions in my stories.

Here's another batch of panels I copied for practice. I decided to make them tonal studies and to try to use only three main tones.

One of the things I'm trying at the moment is copying panels from existing comics pages, for the purpose of study and practice. I get to practice penciling, inking and coloring and I'm hoping constructing poses and worlds and how to suggest things will seep in through osmosis. I'm also taking a colorist course at Comics Experience at the moment and also a course on how to create a story through images, panels at the Sequential Artists Workshop, both great places to learn the craft.