The Book Prototype is Finished

January 5th, 2017.

I finished the book prototype! And this is the final cover.

The cover is quite different from the one shown in the previous post. It went through several dozen more iterations. This one has more punch because more black is used, so it's louder than the interior art (as should be), at the same time, I feel it has a "literary" and also sparkly theaterly feel to it.

Also, "Nights" felt like a better title as it suggests nightly intrigue. All three plays start early in the evening.

I've sent it off to the printers for a very small print run. I want to send this to a few publishers to see if they'd be interested in publishing a book like this. I think I also may need to create some concept art so a publisher can get a feel for what the finished book would look like. I may add that to this website, and I may print it as an additional little booklet, to be included in the package to send to a few publishers.

Newer entries in Sketchbook

Playing some with the Gimp colorize function.

And hands. Having fun with this still.

Copying Charles Bargue plates for practice. The feet. Also tried out different ways of coloring and shading.

Older entries in Sketchbook

Almost finished! Just nine more pages to go developing a mockup prototype book. The book contains rough sketches of three comics adaptations of public domain one-act theater plays.

The goal is to have something to send to publishers, to see if they'd be intested in publishing something like this in its finished form.

So, time for work log number three!

I finished the thumbnails for "Warrior's Lament". It wasn't easy puzzling together the photo reference for it, but I think I like how the pacing came out. At any length, I'm putting it away for a while so I can return to it with a fresh pair of eyes. And an editor indicated he may have time to give me feedback on it also, so I'll wait for that.

So on I go, working on the theater play comics.

Work log entry number two. I'm still thumbnailing the theater plays, but an editor has hinted that he might be willing to give me feedback on my work, IF I do my homework. And his first assignment was for me to draw comics using photo reference.