Woke Up With A Monster, TITLE said.Based on a screenplay treatment by Kirk White Illustrations by Ayal Pinkus, Narration said.1. Recording studio. At the panels, a man in suit is signing a contract while Alan, audio technician, standing next to him, is holding up his thumbs, excited and with a smile ear to ear, at the voice actress Diana who is questioningly standing at the microphone behind the glass. He is clearly elated, she apprehensive, did the man in suit like it?  Alan records audio books for a living., Narration said.2. They are at a restaurant, a bucket with a bottle of Champagne, they are toasting, he's smiling from ear to ear, showing her the contract, as she looks sideways, distracted, as a woman passes.  After the somanieth breakup, he vows not to bail on the next relationship and he becomes romantically involved with a voice actress., Narration said.3. In the ladies' toilet, the woman who had just passed is lying dead on the floor, an injection needle in her neck, black lips, as Diana is looking at herself in the mirror, looking herself in the eye, leaning on the washing table, worried about her killing that other woman.  But what he doesn't know, is that she's a serial killer..., Narration said.


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This folder contains a few 4-panel strips.

Lois wants Julie to get out of the bath because she wants to prepare for a date, but Julie is not in a mood to do her sister a favor...

A short comic based off of a play by the same name by F. Scott Fitzgerald, famous for writing short stories that depict scenes from the Roaring Twenties.

A world heavyweight boxing championship doesn't go as it was supposed to...

Older entries in Short Comics

My 404 webcomic, the comic you're presented with when you try to view a page that doesn't exist on my website.

This was a short story I developed during the excellent 'Storytelling Flow' course that was given at The Sequential Artists Workshop.

A short one-pager I wrote and drew more than a year ago, and redrew.