The Leyster Heist

When a crime syndicate kidnaps his wife and daughter, a Marine and climbing champion finds himself forced to use his skills in order to steal a painting.
We look at Noah from direct above him as he touches the ceiling with a wide smile on his face, an audience standing below him and looking up at him and are clapping in awe. I'm Noah, Marine, explosives expert, Noah (narration) said. I'm Noah, Marine, explosives expert, Noah (narration) said.He glowingly holds up a trophee, wide smile from ear to ear, as an audience around him applauds him. and climbing champion, Noah (narration) said.Noah has left the indoor climbing hall, wide grin from ear to ear as he waves other climbers, friends of his, goodbye, carrying the trophee under his arm. The Leyster Heist, No one in particular, No one in particular said.Noah is walking the streets when Diogu points a gun to his head from behind. This is Diogu, Noah (narration) said.Bastard kidnapped my wife and daughter, Noah (narration) said.Wants me to steal a painting, Noah (narration) said. This is Diogu, Noah (narration) said. Bastard kidnapped my wife and daughter, Noah (narration) said. Wants me to steal a painting, Noah (narration) said.Establishing shot: villa atop a very high cliff, seen from the side. from a villa  on a cliff, Noah (narration) said.Noah at the foot of the cliff, preparing his ascent. He wears a cat suit and carries a satchel at his side as he looks up, the cliff towering over him intimidatingly and imposingly. Impossible to reach, Noah (narration) said. Impossible to reach, Noah (narration) said.Noah climbs. It is a considerable effort, but he's more than up to the task. If you're not me, Noah (narration) said.He climbs on diligently. And he climbs on, each step successful, he is close to the cliff edge now. He reaches the top of the cliff, where a villa can be seen in the distance. Noah nears the villa which is guarded by one goon who sits on a chair, reading. A helicopter on a landing platform in the distance. The guard gets up. Maybe he has to go to the toilet, maybe he wants to get a drink. The guard enters a security code for the alarm next to the door leading into the house. Noah grabs the guard from behind and slits his throat. Shlick!, SFX said. Shlick!, SFX said.Noah enters through the opened door, looking around apprehensively for other guards. Inside, he places a device with antennas underneath a chair as his other hand reaches in the satchel tied to his belt. Noah places a device behind a painting and out of sight as a guard in the distance sees him. Noah in an apprehensive stance as a guard discovered him and is pointing a gun at him. Lots of master paintings line the walls. Noah has thrown the knife and it went right through the guard's chest as Noah gets out of the way of the gun barrel. Noah enters the room the goon was guarding, peeking over his shoulder. The dead, bleeding guard lies on the floor behind him. Diogu said my wife and daughter were safe at his place, Noah (narration) said. Diogu said my wife and daughter were safe at his place, Noah (narration) said. Diogu said my wife and daughter were safe at his place, Noah (narration) said.His daughter and wife were sleeping there. They have just woken up, and they have their arms flung around him, hugging him, crying. He forgot that I know where he lives, Noah (narration) said. He forgot that I know where he lives, Noah (narration) said. He forgot that I know where he lives, Noah (narration) said.Morning outside the villa, Noah, mother and daughter put on climbing gear. Inset-panel shows Diogu looking out a window. Noah stops his descent while abseiling down, to reach into his satchel. and that he shouldn't have messed with a Marine, Noah (narration) said.Noah pushes a button. and explosives expert, Noah (narration) said.A huge explosion above them as the three of them climb down further.


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