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A 5-page comic script by Ayal Pinkus.

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When a crime syndicate kidnaps his wife and daughter, a Marine and climbing champion finds himself forced to use his skills in order to steal a painting.

This script is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License , which means artists are allowed to modify and use this script without having to pay a fee.


An indoor climbing contest which Noah, world champion climbing wins. As Noah leaves the climbing hall, Diogu's goons put a gun to his head.

At night, Noah starts his climb at the bottom of a cliff, narrating to us that his wife and daughter were kidnapped by Diogu because Diogu wants Noah to steal a painting from a villa with security, atop a cliff.

He reaches the top of the cliff and breaks into a villa that has a helicopter on a landing platform.

Inside, he places devices with antennas underneath chairs and in other places out of sight. Lots of master paintings line the walls. Noah quietly opens doors, and enters one. His daughter and wife are sleeping there and they wake up, scared, then happy to see Noah. He narrates that Diogu told him they were safe at his place.

Morning outside the villa. Noah gets his daughter and wife into the helicopter. Diogu peeks out a window of the villa. As Noah narrates that Diogu forgot that he is also a Marine and explosives expert and that he knew where Diogu lives, Noah nods and smiles at Diogu, who closes the curtains in shock and anger. Noah presses a button on a device with an antenna. A huge explosion erupts behind them as the three of them fly away in the helicopter.


NOAH: Noah is an indoor climbing world champion and Marine and explosives expert, lean and wiry. He's a bad-ass veteran, scarred through battle, leather skin, marine tattoos: the Eagle, Globe and Anchor tattoo (Symbol of the USMC) would be most recognizable and many, many Marines have that as a tattoo. Also, many Marines have our saying, "Semper Fidelis" tattooed as well, It means Always Faithful. The Engligh Bulldog is another recognized symbol of the USMC, typically seen wearing a drill instructor style hat. He is very fit and strong and he is known to be able to scale any wall or mountain, which is why he has been chosen to break into a villa on top of a cliff, in order to steal an expensive painting. He's a fighter who teaches Diogu a lesson.
DIOGU: Diogu is short and big, moustache. He helms a drug syndicate and he's known to be relentlessly cruel. He also collects famous art for his private collection. He learns (too late) that people like Noah can not be pushed around that easily, he can't just terrorize anyone.


WIFE and DAUGHTER of Noah: They share Noah's interest in climbing. Although they aren't as fanatic as he is, they can climb also.
OTHER CLIMBERS: Other contestants to the indoor climbing contest, happy, healthy, fit looking.
GOONS: Diogu's cronies. Dark suits, sunglasses, ear pieces, muscles, all the cliches.


PANEL ONE (TheLeysterHeist_010_022)

An indoor climbing facility. Noah touches the ceiling with a wide smile on his face, an audience standing below him and looking up at him and are clapping in awe.

1. NOAH (NARRATION): I'm Noah, Marine, explosives expert

PANEL TWO (TheLeysterHeist_010_024)

Noah glowingly holds up a trophee, wide smile from ear to ear, as an audience around him applauds him.

2. NOAH (NARRATION): and climbing champion

PANEL THREE (TheLeysterHeist_010_026)

Noah walks outside, a wide grin from ear to ear. The door to the indoor climbing hall is still behind him. He holds the trophee in one arm, his torso is turned and his other arm waves at other climbers, friends of his as they part ways.

PANEL FOUR (TheLeysterHeist_010_030)

Diogu. His body guard is standing before him is pointing a gun at the back of Noah's head.

3. NOAH (NARRATION): This is Diogu

4. NOAH (NARRATION): Bastard kidnapped my wife and daughter

5. NOAH (NARRATION): Wants me to steal a painting


PANEL ONE (TheLeysterHeist_020_004)

Establishing shot: a huge villa atop a very high cliff.

1. NOAH (NARRATION): from a villa on a cliff

PANEL TWO (TheLeysterHeist_020_006)

Noah at the foot of the cliff, preparing his ascent. He wears dark clothes under climbing gear and he carries a dark backpack, a holstered Marine knife attached to his belt. He is looking up, the cliff towering over him intimidatingly and imposingly.

2. NOAH (NARRATION): Impossible to reach

PANEL THREE (TheLeysterHeist_020_012)

Noah is climbing. It is a considerable effort, but he's more than up to the task.

3. NOAH (NARRATION): If you're not me

PANEL FOUR (TheLeysterHeist_020_014)

He is climbing on diligently.

PANEL FIVE (TheLeysterHeist_020_016)

He is climbing on, each step successful, he is close to the cliff edge now.

PANEL SIX (TheLeysterHeist_020_020)

He has reached the top of the cliff, where the villa can be seen in the distance. A helicopter is parked on a landing platform next to the villa.


PANEL ONE (TheLeysterHeist_020_022)

Noah hides behind a bush or rock near the villa as he examines the situation. A goon sits on a chair on the premises, guarding it, but casually, reading a magazine, because who is going to break in at this height?

PANEL TWO (TheLeysterHeist_020_024)

The guard is getting up and placing the magazine on the chair.

PANEL THREE (TheLeysterHeist_020_026)

The guard is entering a security code for the alarm next to the door leading into the house.

PANEL FOUR (TheLeysterHeist_020_028)

Noah has grabbed the guard from behind and has just slit his throat, blood spurts from the throat wound.

1. SFX: Shlick!

PANEL FIVE (TheLeysterHeist_020_030)

Noah is enter through the opened door as he looks around to make sure there are no other guards.


PANEL ONE (TheLeysterHeist_030_010)

Inside, he is placing a device with an antenna and a little red light underneath a chair.

PANEL TWO (TheLeysterHeist_030_020)

Noah is placing a device behind a painting and out of sight.

PANEL THREE (TheLeysterHeist_030_040)

Noah is peeking around a corner where a guard is seated and reading a book.

PANEL FOUR (TheLeysterHeist_030_030)

Noah has passed the bleeding guard who lies dead on the floor.

PANEL FIVE (TheLeysterHeist_030_050)

Noah is entering the room the goon was guarding, peeking over his shoulder to make sure no one sees him.

1. NOAH (NARRATION): Diogu said my wife and daughter were safe at his place


PANEL ONE (TheLeysterHeist_040_010_triple)

Noah is hugging his daughter and wife. There is crying.

1. NOAH (NARRATION): He forgot that I know where he lives

PANEL TWO (TheLeysterHeist_050_010)

Morning outside the villa, at the helicopter platform where Noah is getting his wife and daughter into the helicopter. Inset-panel shows Diogu looking out a window. He realizes something's going on.

PANEL THREE (TheLeysterHeist_050_040)

The helicopter is taking off, Noah is flying the helicopter with his daughter and wife on-board.

2. NOAH (NARRATION): and that he shouldn't have messed with a Marine

PANEL FOUR (TheLeysterHeist_050_060)

Noah pushes a button on a device with an antenna.

3. NOAH (NARRATION): and explosives expert

PANEL FIVE (TheLeysterHeist_050_070)

They are flying away in the helicopter, swirling away from the huge explosion that is erupting in the villa behind them, a huge inferno of fire and smoke and debris flying around.