The Leyster Heist Character Designs

Below some character designs for the short story "The Leyster Heist"
 This is Noah, ex-marine, explosives expert, world champion indoor-climbing, father and husband.   The typical silent tough guy, just wants to live his life in peace., @@@ said. Noah's wife., @@@ said. This is Diogu, head of a crime syndicate, art collector. He thinks he can do anything he wants., @@@ said. This is Diogu at the end of the story where he realizes Noah has beaten him., @@@ said. The goon who points a gun at Noah's head at the beginning of the story. He returns at the end of the story., @@@ said.


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So here's a cast of experimental characters I designed for a comedy series.

So these are a few of the pages I did spread out over the last four weeks weeks (mid Augustus to mid September 2016) to try out pen versus brush, pen AND brush, to try out different black and white line art styles. I copied existing artists also, as studies.

"A Great Performance" is another attempt to adapt Chekov's play "Swan Song" to sequential art. Interesting thing about the story: apparently, acting was a low-status occupation. You wouldn't say that looking at Hollywood now.

Older entries in Sketchbook

Character Designs for my adaptation of "Madame Butterfly"