Title and credits, hand-drawn: Porcelain & Pink. Subtitle: Based on a play by F. Scott Fitzgerald. By Ayal Pinkus. Below that, a lovely Victorian cottage in a neighborhood. Porcelain &  Pink, TITLE said.Ayal Pinkus  Based on a play by F. Scott Fitzgerald, TITLE said.We see the bathroom with a camera that is zoomed out. A clawfoot bathtub below, Julie is bathing herself. Above her is an opened window, high above the tub so that people looking in won't see her. She's humming and singing. Lois faces us, her head at the top of the panel, most of her body in view. Narration box in Lois' dress. Julie is bathing when her older sister Lois asks if she can have the bathroom., NARRATION said.We see the side of Lois, and Julie in the bath further in the distance. Narration box above this. Lois has a date with Mr. Calkins. She's in a hurry., NARRATION said.Julie was enjoying being in the bath. We see her hand sticking out above the bathtub gracefully. She has no intention of getting out. Julie refuses to come out.  She's still angry because her sister used up all the warm water recently., NARRATION said.@@@ Lois is angry at Julie, but  there's not  much she can do,  so she leaves., NARRATION said.We see a close-up of a running tap. Julia sings and washes herself when a male voice startles her., NARRATION said.Tub at the bottom of the panel, Julie looking up at the window above her. Word balloon from Mr. Calkins coming from the window below that, and the thought balloon below that. Lois, are you ready?, CALKINS said.It's that Mr. Calkins! And he thinks I'm Lois!, JULIE said.@@@ Are you ready to go? What are you wearing?, CALKINS said.@@@ Well, it's very old, and I guess it's a sort of pinkish white., JULIE said.@@@ I thought you hated old clothes., CALKINS said.@@@ I do, but this was a birthday present, and I sort of have to wear it., JULIE said.Julia continues to talk with Mr. Calkins. She pretends to be her sister and makes her look like a fool., NARRATION said.Side view of Lois, en profile. Narration box in her dress. After a while, Lois walks in., NARRATION said.@@@ Lois! I thought you said you were wearing pink., CALKINS said.Lois faints. Lois passes out., NARRATION said.Julie's arm reaches for a towel on the floor. The word balloons are placed above her. She fainted! I'll be right in!, CALKINS said.In that case, I'll be right out., JULIE said.


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This folder contains a few 4-panel strips.

Lois wants Julie to get out of the bath because she wants to prepare for a date, but Julie is not in a mood to do her sister a favor...

A short comic based off of a play by the same name by F. Scott Fitzgerald, famous for writing short stories that depict scenes from the Roaring Twenties.

A world heavyweight boxing championship doesn't go as it was supposed to...