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A 4-page comic script by Ayal Pinkus.

Revision Mon Sep 18 11:15:48 CEST 2017.
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Lois wants Julie to get out of the bath because she wants to prepare for a date, but Julie is not in a mood to do her sister a favor...

A short comic based off of a play by the same name by F. Scott Fitzgerald, famous for writing short stories that depict scenes from the Roaring Twenties.

Based on a play by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

This script is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License , which means artists are allowed to modify and use this script without having to pay a fee.


This takes place during the roaring 20s.
  1. Julie is taking a bath. A window is above her head. It is open, and people looking in can not see her bathing. Her sister Lois walks in. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know you were here," Lois says.
  2. "Will you please come out of the bath? I have a date with Mr. Calkins," Lois asks. "No," Julie answers. Julie splatters water at Lois who looks angry and leaves.
  3. Julie is laughing when suddenly she hears a male voice saying, "Hello?" Julie responds alarmed, letting out an "Eeek!" "Ready to go out?" Mr. Calkins asks. "Almost. I'm wearing my pink dress," she replies.
  4. Lois walks back in. "I thought you said you were wearing pink?" MrCalkins asks. "Aahhh!" Lois says as she drops to the floor. "She fainted. I'll be right in!" Mr. Calkins says. Julie reaches for the towel her sister dropped as she says, "in that case, I'll be right out."


Lois: The younger sister, bathing. She's a bit of a flapper.
Julie: The older sister, wanting to take a bath. She's more traditional than her sister.
Mr. Calkins: Lois' date for the night. A handsome, well-read well-groomed man.


PANEL ONE (010_010)

Establishing shot of a Victorian style house.

PANEL TWO (010_020)

Julie is bathing herself in a small clawfoot bath. She is humming. Above her is an opened window. People who look through the window can't see her bathing. The room looks like a regular room with wooden floor, not like our modern bath rooms.

PANEL THREE (010_030)

Lois has walked in. She is standing at the doorway carrying clean clothes and a towel.

1. LOIS: Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know you were in here.


PANEL ONE (020_010)

Lois is standing at the doorway looking at Julie who is taking a bath. Julie doesn't seem to be in a hurry, and Lois seems to be getting nervous and apprehensive. She realizes she's at her sister's mercy.

1. LOIS: Will you please come out of the bath? I have a date with Mr. Calkins.

PANEL TWO (020_020)

Julie is taking her time washing herself gracefully.

2. JULIE: No.

PANEL THREE (020_030)

Julie's hand splatters water from the tap.

PANEL FOUR (020_040)

Lois has pulled the door so that it protects her from the splash of water Julie had directed toward her. She's clearly angry and leaving.


PANEL ONE (030_010)

Julie is laughing out loud.

PANEL TWO (030_020)

Mr. Calkins stands at the window, looking in. From his point of view, the room looks like a regular room. He can't see Julie in the bath.


PANEL THREE (030_030)

Julie lets out a shriek as the male voice that came through the window catches her by surprise.

2. JULIE: Eeek!

PANEL FOUR (030_040)

Mr. Calkins speaking.

3. MR. CALKINS: Don't be startled, it's me! Are you dressed to go out?

PANEL FIVE (030_050)

Julie is looking at her body.

4. JULIE: Almost. I'm ... eh ... wearing my pink dress.


PANEL ONE (040_010)

Lois has walked back into the bathroom.

PANEL TWO (040_020)

Mr. Calkins is peeking into the room and he has a surprised look on his face.

1. MR. CALKINS: I thought you said you were wearing pink?

PANEL THREE (040_030)

Lois faints, dropping her clean clothes and towel.

2. LOIS: Aaaaah!

PANEL FOUR (040_040)

The window, but now with Mr. Calkins missing.

3. MR. CALKINS (OFF-PANEL): She fainted. I'll be right in!

PANEL FIVE (040_050)

Julie reaches for the towel her sister dropped.

4. JULIE: In that case, I'll be right out.