Going Places

This short-story comic is based on a one-page screenplay I wrote to enter a contest.
 Going Places,  said.(c) 2013 Ayal Pinkus,  said.Adaptation of a short one-page screenplay I had written for a MoviePoet short screenplay contest.,  said.He's at the airport and checks his watch to see how much time he has left. He has some time and goes to look for a place where he can kill some time. He grabbed a beer and is looking around. (This is from before there were mobile phones, nowadays he'd probably check his social media). A gorgeous woman enters his field of view. He raises his glass at her. She turns to walk away. She's left, his eyes fixed on him. He finishes his glass. His roll-on suitcase is gone! He looks around in the departures hall, but can't see his suitcase anywhere. Outside, a security officer has the woman in sight, along with a younger guy who is pulling the suitcase along. He clearly stole it. Our protagonist turns out to be from the police also! He shows his badge. He arrests the woman in red and leads her to a police car.


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