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A 11-page comic script by Ayal Pinkus.

Revision Fri Nov 10 17:22:33 CET 2017.
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A veteran burglar is opening a safe when a young fellow burglar attacks him and takes off with the loot. A few days later, the veteran burglar corners the young colleague.

This script is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License , which means artists are allowed to modify and use this script without having to pay a fee.


Vinny Tagliani: A bashful energetic handsome young man. He's an ambitious young up-and-coming burglar.
Joe: The Veteran. Older but strong and fit in his 40s, his face gives away that led a tough life. He's an experienced burglar.


PANEL ONE (010_010)

Establishing shot of a busy main street in a big city, in front of a warehouse.

PANEL TWO (010_020)

A Young Kid is standing on the sidewalk trying to hail a cab.

PANEL THREE (010_030)

Vinny is looking hopeful as a cab nears (off-panel).

PANEL FOUR (010_040)

Joe is driving a cab and is seeing Vinny through his window and is staring and steering toward him.


PANEL ONE (020_010)

The cab has stopped next to Vinny, the door is open and Vinny is getting into the cab.

PANEL TWO (020_020)

Vinny is sitting on the back seat of the cab and he is looking away, bored.

1. VINNY: To the airport.

PANEL THREE (020_030)

The doors have just locked and he looks alarmed.


PANEL FOUR (020_040)

Vinny is looking at the driver, Joe, who is looking sideways in such a way that Vinny can see his face.

3. VINNY: Oh, shit...

PANEL FIVE (020_050)

The eyes of Joe in the rearview mirror.

4. JOE: We meet again.


PANEL ONE (030_010)

A mansion in the distance against a sky, the night is falling.

PANEL TWO (030_020)

Joe is crouching behind a bush. He is looking at the mansion. He is wearing a ski mask on his head, it's not covering his face yet.

PANEL THREE (030_030)

Joe is looking sideways as he comes from behind the bush, his hands on his ski mask, poised to pull it over his face. He is moving in the direction of the mansion.

PANEL FOUR (030_040)

The ski mask now covers the face of Joe. Joe is disabling an alarm with some high-tech gear.

PANEL FIVE (030_050)

He is entering though a window, cracked open with tools he's still holding.


PANEL ONE (040_010)

Joe is kneeling at a safe.

PANEL TWO (040_020)

Joe is using hearing tools and such to open the safe.

PANEL THREE (040_030)

Joe is opening the safe.

PANEL FOUR (040_040)

Joe is kneeling in front of the safe and holding stacks of money bills.

PANEL FIVE (040_050)

Joe is hit over the head by Vinny.

PANEL SIX (040_060)

Vinny grins.


PANEL ONE (050_010)

Joe lies on the floor, unconscious.

PANEL TWO (050_020)

The eyes of Joe are opened slightly.

PANEL THREE (050_030)

Joe is getting up.

PANEL FOUR (050_040)

Joe is standing in front of the safe, sad, defeated.

PANEL FIVE (050_050)

The safe is empty! Just one note lies inside.

PANEL SIX (050_060)

Joe's hand is holding the note. The note says "You're getting old."


PANEL ONE (060_010)

Joe is Still holding the note off-panel. He is looking sideways. He is hearing a roaring sound outside.

1. SFX: WRRROEM.....

PANEL TWO (060_020)

He has lunged toward a window, and is standing there and staring out.


PANEL THREE (060_030)

Joe is looking down onto the street at a guy on a motor cycle.

PANEL FOUR (060_040)

It is Vinny on a bike with a big grin on his face. He is waving with his helmet, his other hand holding the handlebars.

PANEL FIVE (060_050)

Vinny now has his helmet on and he is waving.

PANEL SIX (060_060_double)

Joe looks on through the window as the motor cycle is racing away into the morning sun.

3. SFX: WRRROOoooom....


PANEL ONE (070_010)

Vinny's appearance reflected through the rearview mirror as he sits in the back of the cab.

1. JOE: What's your name?

PANEL TWO (070_020)

Vinny looks at the locked door again.

2. VINNY: Vinny Tagliani.

PANEL THREE (070_030)

Vinny looks defiantly at Joe.

3. VINNY: But you can call me your worst nightmare.

PANEL FOUR (070_040)

A smile forms on Joe's lips.

4. JOE: You're good. Reckless but good. I like that.

PANEL FIVE (070_050)

Vinny is studying the door lock.

5. VINNY: Beat you to it didn't I? You're getting old...

PANEL SIX (070_060)

Joe smiles.

6. JOE: Trust me, I can teach you a trick or two.

PANEL SEVEN (070_070)

A look of disbelief on Vinny's face.

7. VINNY: Like what, old man. Like what. You're old and out of touch man.


PANEL ONE (080_010)

The dialogue carries the story on this page, so please feel free to draw panels relating to the characters and the insides of a cab, making it visually diverse and interesting for the reader to look at.

1. JOE: The fundamentals, kid. The fundamentals.

PANEL TWO (080_020)

2. VINNY: Whatever. You don't know how things are done today.

PANEL THREE (080_030)

3. JOE: The fundamentals never change, kid.

PANEL FOUR (080_020)

4. VINNY: Give me an example.

PANEL FIVE (080_040)

5. JOE: Well.... That note you left me?

PANEL SIX (080_050)

6. VINNY: Yeah, what of it.


PANEL ONE (090_010)

The story on this page is again carried by the dialogue so here also feel free to come up with diverse and varying visuals for the panels.

1. JOE: It's ... amateurish. You never leave your signature behind.

PANEL TWO (090_020)

2. VINNY: Hmph.

PANEL THREE (090_030)

3. JOE: What if police had found it? It has your handwriting and it probably has your DNA on it.

PANEL FOUR (090_040)

Vinny sits silent for a moment as he contemplates this concept.

PANEL FIVE (090_050)

4. JOE: It's miracle you haven't been caught yet kid.

PANEL SIX (090_060)

Joe looks sideways at Vinny who has look of disbelief on his face.

5. JOE: Let's work together.


PANEL ONE (100_010)

Vinny is looking away, he is thinking.

PANEL TWO (100_020)

Vinny looks at Joe, apprehensive as he's afraid and doesn't know what he's getting himself into, also with a touch of curiosity.

1. VINNY: What did you have in mind?

PANEL THREE (100_030)

Joe is grinning into the rearview mirror.

PANEL FOUR (100_040)

Joe is pulling away the car, turning the wheel as the car is driving off.

2. JOE: Let me show you.

PANEL FIVE (100_050)

The cab is slowly rolling off into the distance along a meandering road.


PANEL ONE (110_010)

Establishing shot of a futuristic cityscape. A hovering vehicle as the focal point.

1. VINNY (FROM INSIDE THE CAR): Its the fundamentals, kid. The fundamentals never change.

PANEL TWO (110_020)

Vinny is an older distinguished gentleman now with gray hair. He sits comfortable leaned forward on the backseat of a self-driving car. He is facing the rear view.

2. VINNY (WITH A SMILE): What do you say we work together?

PANEL THREE (110_030)

A young kid sitting opposite him, contemplating the offer. He's uncomfortable, he seems as if he is trying to sink into his seat.

PANEL FOUR (110_040)

Vinny's wide smile.