Scripts Released under a Creative Commons License

I write my own scripts. And, having drawn them myself, I find I don't have much use for them after that.

So, I decided to release my comics scripts under a Creative Commons License. This means that you, artist, can freely use my script in without having to pay me.

My scripts are for short comics, so it could be a great way for you to practice, and to create a set of short comics you fully own.

As I draw my own stories, I tried to remove my 'visual vision' from them as much as possible so an artist can let his imagination go wild.

Cold winter. Father walks with his two-year-old daughter, making sure she's safe on the street. They stop to feed the birds. They end up not having enough bread to feed all the birds, and, father guilt-ridden, they walk along.

An adaptation for comics of Anton Chekhov's early one-act play, published in 1889.

Lois wants Julie to get out of the bath because she wants to prepare for a date, but Julie is not in a mood to do her sister a favor...

A short comic based off of a play by the same name by F. Scott Fitzgerald, famous for writing short stories that depict scenes from the Roaring Twenties.

A veteran burglar is opening a safe when a young fellow burglar attacks him and takes off with the loot. A few days later, the veteran burglar corners the young colleague.

A honeymoon ends in a bittersweet way.

When a crime syndicate kidnaps his wife and daughter, a Marine and climbing champion finds himself forced to use his skills in order to steal a painting.

A world heavyweight boxing championship doesn't go as it was supposed to...

A pickpocket has a surprise coming her way...