Flatton Tutorial, LOIS said.Flatton is a free online utility that creates flats for comics line art pages. I have been using this utility for a few years and this is how I use it.  First I pencil it. , LOIS said. Then I ink it. This is the black line art for the final image., LOIS said. In order to color the page, the first step is to close opened lines digitally for the flatting process. Flatton is forgiving, it will consider anything that isn't almost white black and it will close small gaps no bigger than 4 pixels., LOIS said. I open hatched areas I want to have one color with quick loose dashes of white. Or if I work digitally, I'll leave the hatching on a separate layer and disable that layer for the flatting process., LOIS said. I then use Flatton for the initial flatting., LOIS said. I put the flats under the original line art, setting the line art layer mode to multiply., LOIS said. Flatton assigns random sandy mid-tone colors. This palette makes it easier for me choose final colors., LOIS said. Flatton grows the color areas so that they are pushed under the line art, leaving no gap between the line art and the colors, even if the line art is anti-aliased., LOIS said. Flatton removes very small areas and groups them. They either become part of a larger area if they are completely encapsulated by that area, or they are made red if they become big enough when grouped, or when they touch on two different large areas. These red areas merit closer examination, as Flatton didn't know whether to keep them independent or to group them with another larger area., LOIS said. A base color for each area can be established quickly that way., LOIS said. The initial flats - fixed manually - with the inks., LOIS said. Then I do shading. Flats help me select areas so I only shade inside them., LOIS said.

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TIP: Copy the line art and manually close open lines for best results!
TIP 2: open hatched areas with a quick white line also.

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