Slice-of-life, a story of one event during my one-week trip through Egypt in 1990.
 (c) 2013 Ayal Pinkus  Based on one experience during a daytrip in Egypt in 1990.,  said. We were in Cairo, and stayed at a hotel in Talat Harb street. Today, we were going to visit the Egyptian Museum.,  said. We needed a taxi, and were expected to haggle. One of my travel companions offered an amount that was the equivalent of one days' wage. The cab driver immediately said yes.,  said. We drove through Cairo for about  forty-five minutes. What a big city!,  said. Nice that we got a free sight-seeing tour. At our destination we thanked the cab driver.,  said. The museum was wonderful.,  said. After we left the museum, we turned a corner -- ,  said. -- and suddenly we were in front of our hotel again.,  said.


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