Stars. A spaceship in the form of a 'Stanford Torus' (if you google it you'll find many artist's impressions of it). Basically a big donut-shaped spaceship floating in space.  Zoom into a window, see some of the insides of the spaceship from the outside looking in. Title Birds Uncaged,  said.Writer/Artist: Ayal Pinkus,  said.A nature documentary is projected onto a movie screen, showing birds in the wild, on Earth. A cinema audience. The WOMAN sits in the middle. She looks bored. The WOMAN sneaks out of the cinema. She's standing outside the cinema, a bit disoriented by the bright light.  We now see the huge inside of the donut-shaped spaceship: the inside of a torus, on the outer side lined with houses and trees and agricultural land, and on the inside windows that let light shine in from space. Birds fly through the torus. The WOMAN walks aimlessly, the spaceship insides showing behind her. She is walking, and we see a forest in the distance. She stands at the foot of a forest inside the torus, smiling, poised to step in. She walks into the forest. She's a bit scared now, looking around for danger. She can barely see through the trees and it is dark, unknown territory to her. She walks through the forest. We see her from bird's-eye view as the trees seem to yield away from her as she ascends up into the forest. She walks through the forest now. We see her sideways, she is decidedly traveling through the woods. Suddenly she has found an open area with a wooden hut in the middle. She has opened the front door of the wooden hut and birds are escaping. A MAN comes out, startling her. The MAN has walked to open area and is looking up. He has bird seeds in his hands.


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