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I was already filling sketchbooks in my high school days during the 80s.

A decade later, I found himself doing model drawing classes in the evening during my years as a physics student.

Then again a decade later, in 2008, I decided to devote a sabbatical to learning how to draw editorial cartoons. It turned out that learning how to cartoon would take a little bit more than six months, but I was finally and permanently bitten by the art bug.

I studied at the Wackers academy of fine art for three years and then decided to devote myself full-time to creating comics.

After a detour through comics, I came back to my original love, the single-panel gag, but I keep on making comics also.

I draw a lot of inspiration from New Yorker cartoons (of course) and also from cartoonists like Sempe and Quino and Sergio Aragones, and for comics I draw a lot of inspiration from artists like Moebius, Francois Schuiten, Didier Comes, Hugo Pratt, Mike Mignola.

That's basically it! You can read the cartoons and comics I created on this website. Please feel free to contact me through shortcomics at this website.

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Over the years, I have written and drawn original short comics, adapted short films and theater plays, drawn wordless comics, gags.

These can be found here.

My occasional feeble attempt at evoking a smile.

This is where I post musings, designs, experiments.

There are some entries displaying fine art, tutorials, character designs, illustrated poetry.