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Editorial Cartoons

I originally started on my adventure into the arts in 2008. During a sabbatical, I had decided I wanted to learn how to draw editorial cartoons. I decided to let it go back then, because I discovered you had to make yourself angry about something every day, and that just wasn't me, and it wasn't what I wanted to be.

Now, almost nine years later, having taken lots of detours in fine art and comics, I have to admit editorial cartoons still have a pull. I just love binge-reading them. So venturing into that realm again, with a bit more experience now. Also, I feel like taking a tiny break from comics. This happens a lot, but I always come back to comics eventually.

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"What do you say, we stay in tonight?"
A while back, The New Yorker did a reverse caption contest, where readers were encouraged to provide captions for artists to choose from and make an illustration for. So I thought I'd try my hand at it too.

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President elect Trump (2016 11 16)
During the elections, prominent Republicans distanced themselves from Trump. Now that he won, they seem to be scrambling for a position in his government.