Charles Bargue hands

And hands. Having fun with this still.

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Some more panels copied for practice
Here's another batch of panels I copied for practice. I decided to make them tonal studies and to try to use only three main tones.

Copying panels
One of the things I'm trying at the moment is copying panels from existing comics pages, for the purpose of study and practice. I get to practice penciling, inking and coloring and I'm hoping constructing poses and worlds and how to suggest things will seep in through osmosis. I'm also taking a colorist course at Comics Experience at the moment and also a course on how to create a story through images, panels at the Sequential Artists Workshop, both great places to learn the craft.

Charles Bargue arms
Playing some with the Gimp colorize function.

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Charles Bargue feet
Copying Charles Bargue plates for practice. The feet. Also tried out different ways of coloring and shading.

The Book Prototype is Finished
January 5th, 2017.

I finished the book prototype! And this is the final cover.

Worklog 2016 12 29
Almost finished! Just nine more pages to go developing a mockup prototype book. The book contains rough sketches of three comics adaptations of public domain one-act theater plays.

The goal is to have something to send to publishers, to see if they'd be intested in publishing something like this in its finished form.