The Champ, Title Ayal Pinkus,  said.

The two fighters approach each other.
I wanted to win.
But not like this.
A heart attack.
The Opponent, floored on the boxing mat.

The Opponent, floored on the boxing mat. Thank you for reading!,  said.


Older entries in Webcomics

Woke Up With A Monster
Alan records audio books for a living. After the somanieth breakup, he vows not to bail on the next relationship and he becomes romantically involved with a voice actress. But what he doesn't know, is that she's a serial killer...

Based on a screenplay treatment by Kirk White, illustrations by Ayal Pinkus.

My 404 error page
My 404 webcomic, the comic you're presented with when you try to view a page that doesn't exist on my website.

Birds Uncaged
This was a short story I developed during the excellent 'Storytelling Flow' course that was given at The Sequential Artists Workshop.