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My 404 error page
My 404 webcomic, the comic you're presented with when you try to view a page that doesn't exist on my website.

The Champ
A short one-pager I wrote and drew more than a year ago, and redrew.

Birds Uncaged
This was a short story I developed during the excellent 'Storytelling Flow' course that was given at The Sequential Artists Workshop.

The Leyster Heist
When a crime syndicate kidnaps his wife and daughter, a Marine and climbing champion finds himself forced to use his skills in order to steal a painting.

Is this what holidays will look like in the future?

The Park
An allegory on mankind and how it treats its environment.

Bad End Up
Based on a short silent film by Rich Keel.

Little Kerenza
The birth card I drew to celebrate the arrival of our daughter.

Happy Easter
Eggs flew out of my sketchbook!

Slice-of-life, a story of one event during my one-week trip through Egypt in 1990.

Going Places
This short-story comic is based on a one-page screenplay I wrote to enter a contest.

Artist's Life (2)
A second version of my first comic, drawn in a cartoony style.