Cool tricks I discover on my journey.
Freehand Ellipses In Perspective

I found this amazing trick yesterday: a Youtube video by darthfurby (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INTcLy18Tms) in which it explained how to create 12 points on a circle, in perspective. I've since worked out that it is an approximation, but a very good one.

You start with a perfect square and draw diagonals fron opposite corners. This gives you the center point. And you draw the horizontal and vertical line through that center point, dividing the square into four equal squares, also giving you the first four points on the circle:

Customized pens
Part of the fun of making art is making your custom art tools. Here are two pens I customized.

Creating a perspective grid with a ten point divider
A quick tutorial on how to lay down a perspective grid with a ten-point divider.