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About Me

I was already filling sketchbooks in my high school days during the 80s.

A decade later, I found himself doing model drawing classes in the evening during my years as a physics student.

Then again a decade later, in 2008, I decided to devote a sabbatical to learning how to draw editorial cartoons. It turned out that learning how to cartoon would take a little bit more than six months, but I was finally and permanently bitten by the art bug.

I studied at the Wackers academy of fine art for three years and then decided to devote myself full-time to creating comics.

I currently divide my time between doing course work for the Watts Atelier and filling sketchbooks, practicing drawing, and making the occasional finished drawing or cartoon.

I draw a lot of inspiration from artists like Moebius, Francois Schuiten, Didier Comes, Hugo Pratt, Mike Mignola, Cosey, Tardi, Andreas, Sergio Toppi, Winsor McCay, Alfonse Mucha, Luke Parker, Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon, Andrew Maclean, Joe Dellagatta, Cory Thomas.

About This Website

You can read the cartoons and comics I created on this website. Please feel free to contact me through shortcomics at this website.

That's basically it!