Hello, my name is Ayal Pinkus. I created the comics presented on this website.

I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed creating them.

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Figurative artwork I made over the years. Studies, trying out new art materials, trying out new approaches.

In Progress

Below are links to some stories that are still in various stages of development.

Swan Song

Adaptation of a play by Anton Checkov to short comic form. Also available in Dutch.


Famous people who wore moustaches. Series of caricatures inspired by #movember.

Filed under: Humor, Caricature.

The eternal boss-and-his-subordinate.

Filed under: Humor, Wordless.
African Safari

My wife and I went on a safari trip in Tanzania. I came back with many beautiful pictures and decided to use them for reference to try to recreate the experience of being there.

Filed under: Wordless, Biographical.
No Man Is An Island

Adaptation of a well-known seventeenth-century sonnet. The original sonnet has a religious meaning but the wordless short comic that I created to accompany it discusses a modern theme: environment preservation.

Filed under: Poetry.
Rood Met Witte Stippen

Children's songs are stories too! I had thought of making this little one to celebrate Kerenza's first birthday.

Filed under: Dutch.
Bad End Up

Rich Keel filmed a script written by Christina Kishpaugh and he graciously allowed me to use the film footage for reference for this little short.

Filed under: Wordless.