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Vijf oktober #lerarenstaking #leraren #salaris #troonrede #Miljoenennota @onika72

Another #brexit #cartoon, #EU and #UK in staring contest. #StopBrexit @BrexitBin .

Another Stenay #brexit #cartoon, collab with @snaterij

Because you just can't have too many #trump #cartoons .

'I am not hearing any whistling, just a clock ticking'

So it's on to head phase I! Layins, skulls, Asaro heads, all the way up to the Reilly head abstraction.

So I've started this course on Watts Atelier online, it's an amazing place! Thoroughly enjoying the exercises and I am getting better quickly. I am happy found that site, what an amazing online resource! I am looking at doing this for the next few years, at least for the first few hours every morning.

So here are some photos from my homework for Fundamentals I and II. It really starts at the beginning: sharpening pencils, hehe!

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