Art by Ayal Pinkus

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Donald Trump
"Climate change wasn't a hoax, daddy..."

Donald Trump
"One day, son, this will all be yours."

Donald Trump
"We don't want other countries to laugh at us anymore."

Computer-generated perspective grids
I continued work on Javascript code that helps me generate perspective grids.

vPoint Introduction
vPoint is an online utility that allows traditional artists to create perspective grids and construction lines to support their hand-drawn art.

vPoint Documentation
vPoint is an online utility that allows you to create an image with perspective grids and additional construction lines. The image can then be printed and used as an underdrawing on a lightbox for example.

The aim is to help speed up the process of creating perspective grids and construction lines as a basis for a drawing using traditional materials. The grids and construction lines can be placed quickly and it doesn't matter if the vanishing points are far away from the page.

Note that vPoint is currently only supported on Chrome and Firefox

Woke Up With A Monster
Alan records audio books for a living. After the somanieth breakup, he vows not to bail on the next relationship and he becomes romantically involved with a voice actress. But what he doesn't know, is that she's a serial killer...

Based on a screenplay treatment by Kirk White, illustrations by Ayal Pinkus.

My 404 error page
My 404 webcomic, the comic you're presented with when you try to view a page that doesn't exist on my website.

Some more recent art
Some more art. These were originally sketches in a sketchbook, which I traced, inked and colored into these finished pieces.

A tylically Dutch windmill:

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